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I just saw my last paper was finally handed over to the "study office" with a "passed" stamp. So maybe nother week to pick up the diploma. So as of July 1st I will be done studying and out of work ....

And not be able to go on holidays because the applications are already "in progress" ...

But with a lot of free time to get my dwellings (<-- beautiful word) in order and gt some self centred sewing done and thanks to my knowledge of the English language play examiner for a group of international students ...

But it also means I have time to catch up on old projects - my mother has this basic cooking book "Bayrisches Kochbuch" that she got way back when. According to her I loved the little bands to mark recipes so much that I took the shears to them ... It was still in heavy use, esp. around Christmas but over the years it fell apart ... So this spring she asked me if I could fix it ... and of course I seaid yes (couldn't really say no, could I!?).

sewing in the last page and re-attaching the back cover

First I had to "sew on" the last page glueing it to a narrow foleded paper strip sewing in the fold and making loops around the original sewing of the book block. And then re-attching the back cover with the fly leaf.

getting rid of old bands and attaching new ones ...now only a new back is missing

Then I did add new ribbons as bookmarks and generally took care of the back as the paper ha gotten loose at the edges - you really sholdn't use a broken book.

letting the finished thing dry between friends

The last and hardest part was attachign the new spine to the book - but I'm really glad I found the happy blue kitchen approbriate print to use to cover the back - now I just need to let it dry pressed between other cook books and I will beable to take it home and amend the sins of my 3 or 4 year old ego.

What do you do with your old books, those much loved, well thumbed volumes, when they start showign their wear and tear

And dream plan my new apartment ...


Sunny weekend and a new keep cool thingy

My team had a big tournament going this weekend - sadly we weren't given a spot in the Ladies' competition so we had to play with/against the seniors - which means mostly all male teams with the odd women thrown in.

We had great fun - winning most of the games in our group and entering the round of 16 - we never thought we would get this far (we made up our 2 teams by training attendance not by abilities). We met the team of the University of Lyon, France winnign against them with one PAT and getting into the quarter finals ...  and from there on everything wen tdown the drain 

The next team expertly took care of getting rid of me ...emergency care on Sundays is no fun ...especially if you have to leave in the middle of the game - but yeah ... you are not allowed on the field bleeding ...

Sport ist mord ...

Ohh well expecting to get kicked out at the group level we actually made it to place 8 of 46 so I would say we were quite successful ... we even avoided any major suburns - my best friend was my sunscreen SPF 50, yucky sticky and smelly but effective ..

Too late to be useful for the weekend some fun gardening stuff arrived today in my mailbox and I instantly put it to use making my very own "cooling scarf" - so far it's been very effective, though being a trial object I didn't care much about thread colour etc., I'm also thinking about making the next one with a larger "compartment".

cooling scarf ... testing ...

It's basically a thin tube filled with chemistry - well superabsorbent stuff - like in diapers that will release water very slowly over a long time and evaporation cools the neck a bit ... it's quite comfortable ... though I think I used a rather larg teaspoon of the stuff ...



Scrap busting for scrap storage

I don't have much time to do sewing at the moment - but then when did I ever?
I was a but unhappy with all the different boxes and fabric all over the place and I am goign to have to sew a basket for a swap in June following the Hour Basket pattern so I thought conscentious sewer that I am I would do a trial run.
Miraculously the basket fit perfectly in the middle shelf of my sewing shelves ... so I just couldn't stop until I had a row of scrappy scrap baskets for my most common scrap colours.

a full shelf



more green and a winner

spring green 

I couldn't resist to post a few more pictures of the garden greens - false forget-me-nots doing lovely in their shady corner

But yes of course - the winner needs to be determined - I wish the number would have been lower it, so Iwouldn't have to count all the way to 96.

And No. 96 is:

Love them and need them! thanks for the chance!!

a very special green - grandma's grapes ...

And for a green finale - a very special litle green splot - that is a very hardy very sweet grape from granny's garden, we "borrowed a few cut offs in autumn and waited for months to finally see this.



Sew Mama Sew Giveaway Day

All things green . . . are mine


I do love the garden ... not only because it's green, because it needs working in winter too and thenit's either muddy gray brown or snow white, so there must be more to it, maybe the strawberries, or the raspberries ... but also because of all the green, the shades the textures ....  

miniature wedding ring - getting rid of those ugly ends

Some of what I sew is green too - but mostly it's not - it is one of my  favourite colours, but it's a complicated colour. And anyway if you plan on sewing in green you are goign to end up with red or blue or yellow, it's like buying clothes, you o because you need trousers and you will end up with shirts and sweaters, well really anything but trousers.

green green green

I decided to share a little green with you and went through my cupboard to pick out a small collection:

Sew Mama Sew giveaway day
a small fat quarter bundle in greens could be yours

For a chance to win:
  1. let me know your feelings about greens ... love them, hate them, need them ... remind you of spring, christmas, puke ... 
  2. if you follow let me know how and it will cound as a secon entry

And because I know you are all busy hopping back and forth - so here is the way back to Handmade Goods and this to Supplies


fine print:

* the giveaway runs from Wednesday May 6th to Monday May 11th (8pm CEST)

* the giveaway is open for international entries

* it's your responsibility to make sure I can contact you in case you win

* the winner will be notified on Wednesday May 13th if I don't hear back until Friday I will pick the next one on Saturday