more alibi blocks

I got aorund to starting on clue 3 fabrics are cut I just need to start the cahin piecing process - but as usual lately there is no time for that:

Mystery alibi block 3

alibi blocks
just for reference - clue 1 alibi block

But I started on the center block for a round robin (not really a reason why I don't have time, there are other things that take up so much more) ...

round robin Anfang



Swap°pen auf Deutsch

It feels like a very long time ago that I signed up for the swap and made the pattern - even made the front and then the stress startedand I sort of did nothing for a long time ... and then the deadline drew close and I sat down and finished the thing.

auf dem Weg ...

and I even did get aroudn to piecing and quilting a back - I used up the trial block and a miss-sewn block and fabric scraps from the front ... I sort of like itin it's own way, tough it looks slightely better if there is no cuchion in the case ...

back ...

It wasfun to sew somethign to someone elses specifications and use fabricsad colours in combinations I would neveruse myself for things I sew for me ...

And this evening I fished the most perfect cushion case out of my mail box - Britta made me the perfect companion to my last swap cushion case and absolutely nailed the orange, purple, red theme with pointy things... 

kissen von Britta



catching up on November

I seem to have turned into a monthly blogger ... I spend my days surroundedby old books and spread sheets .. weekends I spendgetting order in the spread sheets .. so there was not a lot of sewing ...

I did get a head start on some bee blocks for next year and finished the ones for this year ...

St. Louis 16-patch for Suzie

Friendship star for Pippa

Scrappy Heart for N.

low volume churn dash

But you see not much "qualitiy time" with my sewign machine so I had this great idea to do a sewing sunday ... ehem yeah .. I spend my Sunday on a road block telling cars you turn around and head for the motorway, cyclists and pedestrians to go right and follow the road blocks .. and they shoudl eventually turn up in the town centre and NO that busstop behind me is not in service ... The highlight was a visit from a grandma granddaughter team bringing the poor frozen person some hot coffee

Yea so I didn't get much sewing done on Sunday but I got some headway on my swap-item

maybe a dark blue instead of the light green ...

And most importantly I started on my winterly QAL ... again .. it's my Christmas thing that I never finish until the next hmm 3 Christmases are over ... though I didn't ge much more doen than some alibi blocks ... now maybe I will manage to just cut some more pices for the units ...

alibi blocks

And some time in November I pulled out some of my favourite treasures that I am giong to use to make my centre block for a "Round Robin" quilt ... now I just need to decide on a pattern and actually sew it ..

viel Geliebtes .... auch wenns nicht ganz zusammen passt ...



catching up on October

I was a bit busy lately and I did a marathon sewing stint this morning - that I think one of my neighbours interpreted as me having a great party at 10 in the morning with the basses turned way up ... uhh yeah .. I might have to do a quitling session this afternoon and see if she starts complaining again then I know for sure it's me ... I guess I will have to go buy some earplugs for her. Well I did get a good deal of things done by disturbing her peace:

BusyBees - October

StashBee October

NewbeeBee - October

And I also spend some time in the beginning of October drawing patterns and generally haing fun planign quilts I knew there was no chance I woudl ge started this year, well except one of them. The first one is for a "flying geese" hmm bee/swap thingy well and of course I could just use a standard pattern, or any other pattern already out there nooo I had to go and make up my own:


Octagees are done ... well ok still to do the final cutting instructions .. but there is an end in sight

Octageese quadrant - trial piece

I also had fun drawing up this pattern, and I'm planning on doing it with one of my tartan fabrics (though exactly when I'm goign to it is the unasnwerable question) ... I just need to decided whether I want to use a coordinated solid background or go for good old white ... I am leaning towards the blue, pink, purple, green tartan ...


tartan fabrics for my green+white pattern ...



presenting a finish

It's really time I present this one - it's been finished and waiting for me to either clean up my design floor or take it outside for a few pictures. So I took it with me to hand in a paper and stopped along the way cycling home. I present:


redorangepurple the back

name: redorangepurple (BeeBiased 2014)
size: 66" x 60"
patter: Thrifty (the pieced block) + solid squares
quilting: machine quilted on my machine in a diagonal lines
back: framed signature blocks