the las few months ...

writing kept me insanely busy last month ... the only sewing I did was for the last two months was for bees bees and more bees ...

nested star
nested star for January Stash Bee

Butterfly - January NewBee Bee Hive#8

saw-tooth stars block
Stars for February Stash Bee

garden fence block
Garden Fence block - February NewBee Bee Hive #8

unscharfe vorschau
February sneak peak for the round roin

Ohh and I can't for the life of me find my camera - so I'm taking crappy pictures with my cell phone that I figured out how to connect to the computer after almost 6 years ...

Ohh in between my Ladies flag football team won the university championship here- well there was only one other Ladies team, so it was a little bit like cheating, but as there were only two we were grouped with the "men" - I still haven't recovered completely from the one team that really really hated to loose against us ... I'm just not build to be run over by almost 200 pounds ... so I'm still icing after every practice and tape is my best friend ...



The Red Herring is quilted

I llowed myself a bit of sewing fun tonight - I had a last row to do on my Red Herring and it kept staringat me - that is getting in the way being moved around ...

Red Herring - stitchin the ditch ...

Red Herring - the back

It was really hard to capture the quilting lines - even though it's black thread on red ...



Finish-Along Q1

I thought I would start off the year with some projects that even I should somehow manage to finish despite this feeling of having no time at all for anything.

So how about some quilting for Quarter 1:

basting the Red Herring with an additional row

a cricle in serious need of some blcoking .. and more quilting

finished top - OBW!!

diamond stars - in need of some ironing ... and some fill ins in the gaps



new year new quilting

Sunday was football night - my shifts are no wednesday and thursday, so I am free on Mondays and that's a prerequisite for football nights, the first game usually starts around 7pm here ...

At least that gave me most of Sunday - no work for uni on Sundays - to get a head start quilting my Red Herring. Someone pointed out that maybe STD would be the perfect solution, well yes I admit it's effective and it sort of looks good at the back, but it takes hoooours to get a row done ...

Red Herring quitling ...

Ohh and of course there are all those breaks in a game and you can't keep eating for the whole thing - so while knitting was out as mycurrent project has enormous needles a little bit of hand quiltingfor a cushion cover was within the possibilities...

hand quilting



New Year new sewing

First off I had a little second Christmas - I won a selfmade FQ bundle from Andrea @ Quiltmanufaktur

Wintergewinn - 2ndChristmas

We have a fabulous pink for my pink therapy quilt - trying to overcome my aversion, green because well if you have a look around, I simply love green. Wealso have blues, because I found out I have hardly any dark blues - well at least not ones I like, then of course I couldn't miss that purple - anyother favourite of mine - and to balance it out a red.

I got a good deal of sewing done on the Christmas Mystery Quilt - but I don't really like the diamond part (step2) so I'm thinking of comingup with an alternative filler for those parts - maybe a marine pointy block with neeutral background ... like last years Celtic solstice pointy blocks ... or furthering the yellow/turquoise checkerboard

Christmas Mystery - need to find an alternative filler for the blank spots