catching up on October

I was a bit busy lately and I did a marathon sewing stint this morning - that I think one of my neighbours interpreted as me having a great party at 10 in the morning with the basses turned way up ... uhh yeah .. I might have to do a quitling session this afternoon and see if she starts complaining again then I know for sure it's me ... I guess I will have to go buy some earplugs for her. Well I did get a good deal of things done by disturbing her peace:

BusyBees - October

StashBee October

NewbeeBee - October

And I also spend some time in the beginning of October drawing patterns and generally haing fun planign quilts I knew there was no chance I woudl ge started this year, well except one of them. The first one is for a "flying geese" hmm bee/swap thingy well and of course I could just use a standard pattern, or any other pattern already out there nooo I had to go and make up my own:


Octagees are done ... well ok still to do the final cutting instructions .. but there is an end in sight

Octageese quadrant - trial piece

I also had fun drawing up this pattern, and I'm planning on doing it with one of my tartan fabrics (though exactly when I'm goign to it is the unasnwerable question) ... I just need to decided whether I want to use a coordinated solid background or go for good old white ... I am leaning towards the blue, pink, purple, green tartan ...


tartan fabrics for my green+white pattern ...



presenting a finish

It's really time I present this one - it's been finished and waiting for me to either clean up my design floor or take it outside for a few pictures. So I took it with me to hand in a paper and stopped along the way cycling home. I present:


redorangepurple the back

name: redorangepurple (BeeBiased 2014)
size: 66" x 60"
patter: Thrifty (the pieced block) + solid squares
quilting: machine quilted on my machine in a diagonal lines
back: framed signature blocks



what do you do when you can't sew

Yeah I really need to give up sports ... but then I love it too much ... maybe I should just refuse to play against the young guys who still are in stages of having problems to control their movements ... aye anyway I did work on some more things - though not on anything on my WIP list ...

With all those green fabrics I've been collecting for "Herrliche Wiese" ... thanks Kathinca for the name I had this idea to sew a miniature double wedding ring cuhsion cover for my cousin ...

miniature wedding ring - getting rid of those ugly ends

now I think I like it too much to give it away ...

So then I thought I could do something easy but effective - because after all not everyone has my taste for colourful stuff ... ok it's still colourful, but at least only two colours taht could fit in somewhere

hrmless cushion back - corduroy and linen

I rather like it ... but I don't like it so much that I couldn't bare parting with it - and there we are back at the teeny tiny problem of sports. I started some hand quilting on it - stitch in the dicth on the red corduroy and was planning on dark purple utility quitling quitling lines ... but I can't even hold my coffe mug and certainly no needle where precision is needed ... stupid thumb ... Aye and the glasses don't sit too well after my nose lost in a ellbow versus nose match ...

So I think I will unearth this cushion front I did while ago because there I can just use the sewing machine to finish it - ohh and it's ofr sure goign to be a sleve cover because I sure can't pin a zipper in place ... maybe I should two or three tiny patches of velcro...

cushion cover or modern mini?

Yeah I know rrather colourful again ... can't help myself in that department ... and with that I'm off to writing again so it's really hart to remember not hit the space bar with the thumb well the hurt sure serves as a reminder not to ... aye and looking gor somewthing sew-ish where I don't need full finger functionallity ... maybe I can pin baste with my left hand?

I can always plan more new quilts ... pull fabrics ... mix and match them ... or I could spend the day reading ...



someone's been busy and yet nothing's been really done

I don't know why I always have 101 projects at the same time. Good new is one of them is Queen Bee project so I don't actually have to sew for it. So aside from writing my paper (#1) I did some sort of handycraft each day. I have that handy sort of alarm clock that so I do a break every hour for at least 15 minutes ...

So I did sew some more blocks for GREEN (I'm absolutely pathetic when it comes to thinking up names for my quilts - maybe I shoudl call it "Wiese" (pasture) or even "Hope" ...

first August blocks arriving
the first quadrants arrived today

it's growing
together with the mine - layout is still undecided

I started an appliquée project that looks a bit tricky - but hey I can do it .. I just need to want to enough for long enough. (I'm sure I can get Kathinca to kick me in the behind from time to time if needed) .Well I went for purple/pupleish/bloodred/rosewood this time - creating my own personal purple hell - Lila Hölle. And as I'm a miserable planner I change my plans a lot ...

handpiecing ...

.. I haven't decided on a background yet  - that is I originally pulled a cream /off white solid, because I really have a lot of it but somehow this print that I found in one of those "end of bolt boxes" (it's almost a metre but not quite) at a fabric store in town seemed like a nice background to take the picture and then I tough -well it doesn't look too bad as a background either ... but I'm not sure - arghh. [They do have another bolt of it so I could get more of it .. ]

But I also almost finishd a quilt - ok the quitlign has been finished since the end of July, but my original plans to quilt it on a train trip home for a wedding somehow didn't work out - on the way there I had to read through a Master thesis and add my comments and on the way back I had my little tin box with needle and thread busried deep, deep down in my backpack - couldn't find it so I just grabed a book. But I have been working on and off sewing on the binding ...

diagonal quilting

I finished all my Joan Hickson as Miss Marple DVDs though, so late night progress was rather slow. But I got a box of Hercule Poirot movies yesterday so maybe tomorrow I'm on again.

differently coloured threads

Just showing that I used differently coloured thready to quilt ... yeah I know, I know the lines aren't completely straight, but I guess ones it's been in the washing machine there will be too much crinkling to notice it ... on the solids I marked the lines with a chalk pen, on the pieced parts I just "eye balled" (I know bad manners etc) ...

Yeah I still also have my Storm at Sea the regular UFOs and now a absolutley new project that I have no idea how it's going to look like yet apart form it being a cushoin cover, there are simply too many weddings this year. Let your pattern ideas flow ...

Ohh and before I forget it - I do would love some more critique please  ~ I will not not like you, I will not be mad at you, I will not ignore you and I certainly won't delet your comment if you write something that is not 100% my opinion ... so like the blue-green polka dot in the middle of the upper row in the green quilt I really think it shouldn't be in there it's odd.



critique please

I have had some interessting conversatiosn the past weeks months ... some shorter some longer. Basically we all agreed that there are "quality comments" missing, that we are ready to post a "I like it" and never go into the reasons. That we rather leave no comment at all than a negative comment.
And something - that I fnd untterly amazing - the fact that the big bloggers don't tend to make mistakes - do they collect pictures of each step in their creation and wait till it's a beautiful finish before they start posting about them? and if it doesn't turn out nicely they hide it, maybe in the broom cupboard of an estranged great aunt?

Anyway I thought I would do a little something on the lines of  -- I don't like it because: -- with one of my own quilts (though admittedly I'm a teeny tiny blogger and ilike the tinyness because I can actually answer all the comments I get and make return visits). My first one - well my first big finished one.

Beginner's Quilt Along

It's the result of the Beginner's Quilt Along in 2012 at the Quiltign Gallery. So yes it's a complete beginner piece - but that doesn't mean I can't take it apart ... so what I see now that I didn't see then -

  • the second row has too few of the sort of light blocks, there is too much red and apricot
  •  the left uprigth corner block and the tiny hour glass block (rigth side second row) are too intrcate in combination with the other blocks ... they just seem off, out of balance.

the original fabric pull - the yellow went elsewhere
  • the thre fabrics on the left are too cold - there is the red background and the orange sashing, I should have stuck with th warmer apricotish-colours to the right - just look at the picture below the contras between the warmish red and the cold light purples - lavendars - outch
Block 2 - Beginner's Quilt Along

What I like about the quilt:
  • there is a lot of orange and yellow in it, which I have come to know assort of avoided colours, I think the only less used colours is probably brown.
  • the points match 
  • I made it! I mean I actually did finish a whole quilt. That was one pretty amazing feeling.
  • The back - well just beacuse and because there is brown in it, but also the red from the front, and you can't really go bad with a backing ...  
  • the orange and red absolutely glow in the sun
And yes Claire I know I won't be too hard on myself ... see at least I'm not unpicking the thing or hiding it in a dark corner.

And the others - feel free to attack, take apart, critique to your hearts content - I can take it - next time i might try the whole thing with an UFO so whatever you say will actually help me finish it, because I like arguing about why I do somethign the way I do it ... even if it's just silently shaking my head at suggestions and deciding that they won't ever see the light of day if I have to say something about it.


And I decided to try one of the linky things - maybe you have a quilt somwhere that you aren't happy about or one that you don't know how to finish, well if you are confident enough to show it two brains can probably come upt with more ideas than one ...

Sort of a disclaimer -that above there is all my genuine spur of the moment totally and absolutely subjective opinion - I don't do objective where quilts are involved. I either like them or I don't.